Thoracic Surgery

Project Aim

This project is a collaboration between ERS and the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) which aims to harmonise training in thoracic surgery for the purpose of continuous professional development. This harmonisation is needed to facilitate the exchange of trainees across EU training institutions, provide a basis for certification of thoracic surgeons and ensure the quality of health care.

Target Audience

This project is aimed at trainees in thoracic surgery as well as for continuing professional development (CPD).

Project Phases


  • In line with the HERMES methodology, a modified Delphi technique was used which followed a series of qualitative and quantitative rounds to develop the syllabus content. The organisation of syllabus followed basic principles, diseases and disorders, and procedures commonly used in the Thoracic Surgery domain. The final version of the syllabus (26 modules after the 3rd Delphi round) was approved during the 6th task force meeting that took place in Naples, June 2016. The syllabus publication will follow in 2017.
  • The task force has started the development of the Curriculum learning outcomes in Thoracic Surgery.