Project Aim

The aim of the Spirometry HERMES project is to train health professionals to produce high quality spirometry tests and award the European Spirometry Driving Licence.

Target Audience

The training programme is aimed at all healthcare professionals who require a comprehensive understanding and the basic skills in spirometry practice and wish to become practically competent in the performance of spirometry.

Task Force

  • Development of Guidelines for Certification

    These guidelines offer course directors a structured programme and process on the essential specifications required to deliver a high quality spirometry programme and to prepare participants to take the assessments and be awarded the ERS Spirometry Driving Licence Level I and Level II.
    For spirometry trainers who agree to follow the guidelines and complete the application form according to the guidelines, ERS will endorse the educational programme and certify participants who successfully pass each assessment phase.





  • Development of Educational Materials

    Educational material packages for the delivery of the spirometry training programmes will be available for all those who complete the spirometry train-the-trainer.
    These educational materials include PowerPoint slides, videos, case-based discussions, and online modules.
  • Development of Assessment Criteria

    Participants will be required to complete 3 assessments
    1. Online MCQ knowledge test
    2. A spirometry workbook including calibration logs and spirometry tests
    3. Practical skills assessment to test a participants competence
    Successful participants will be awarded the ERS Spirometry Driving Licence Level I and Level II