Respiratory Sleep Medicine

Project Aim

The Sleep HERMES project aims at establishing common standards in respiratory sleep training and education.

Target Audience

The syllabus was developed to ensure there is a common trunk used by everyone in the field in daily practice. Therefore the educational framework being developed will be relevant to both medical physicians as well as non-medical practitioners working in sleep clinics.

Task Force

  • Needs analysis, surveys, definition of project structure

    A needs assessment survey carried out in 2010 confirmed that the structure, organisation and duration of training in respiratory sleep medicine differs greatly across countries. It also highlighted that within many countries no specific educational programme existed for the training of respiratory sleep medicine.
  • Development of a consensus-based European Core Curriculum

    While the syllabus lists the skills and core competencies that practicing specialists in sleep respiratory medicine must possess, the curriculum prescribes how these skills and competencies are taught. The respiratory sleep HERMES task force are currently working on the curriculum which provides a framework for implementation in individual countries.
    The curriculum in respiratory sleep medicine has been published later in March 2015.

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