Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

Project Aim   

The Paediatric Respiratory Medicine HERMES project is central to the development of updated standards for the paediatric respiratory medicine sub-specialty. Scientific advances and increasing difficulties in mastering the discipline of children's medicine have made the need for sub-specialism imperative.

Target Audience

Tertiary specialists and trainees in paediatric respiratory medicine comprise the target audience for this project. As the specialty is in the process of consolidation and is not recognised in some countries, those who are advocating for the recognition of the specialty will have specific use of the recommendations given in this project.

Task Force

  • Needs analysis, surveys, definition of project structure.

    The pioneering ERS Paediatric syllabus published in 2002 specified both the content of training and curriculum components and has since served as a model for other specialties. However a survey conducted in 2006 suggested that this existing syllabus needed updating. As a result the Paediatric HERMES Task Force was formed and approved, September 2007. 
  • Development of a consensus-based European Core Curriculum

    Consensus methods ensured that a curriculum framework can be implemented in individual countries. Various stakeholders such as field experts, national society leaders and educational specialists were involved in a wide ranging consultation to ensure the recommendations are applicable and acceptable. 
  • Voluntary Examinations for Paediatric Respiratory Medicine Specialists

    The inaugural Paediatric respiratory medicine examination took place ERS  Congress in Amsterdam, 2011. This marked a milestone in the consolidation of the specialty giving possibilities for a European Diploma, in-training assessment and self-assessment.
  • Development of standards for training centers