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About the Course:

The European spirometry train-the-trainer programme will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to teach high quality spirometry. More specifically, this training programme is a pre-requisite
for those who would like to train and certify participants for the European Spirometry Driving Licence level I and level II within Europe.
To learn more about the European Spirometry Training Programme, click here.

Target Audience:

All those interested in how to train spirometry are welcome to attend the course. The ERS Spirometry
train-the-trainer programme is also aimed at those who would like to become directors or instructors
of the European Spirometry Driving License training.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will have an understanding of each of the key subject areas including:

  • ERS spirometry training process;
  • techniques of teaching and learning styles;
  • presentation and facilitation styles;
  • overcoming resistance during training;
  • discussion and feedback skills required;
  • ERS spirometry-specific teaching and training styles;
  • assessment processes for ERS spirometry training programme and awarding ERS Spirometry Driving Licence;
  • criteria required to organise an ERS spirometry training course;

Pre-requisites for the course:

  • All participants must be familiar with ERS HERMES spirometry documentation before attending
    the course;
  • All participants must prepare written feedback of a spirometry workbook;

Teaching Formats

  • Didactic Lectures - Instructional teaching method that allows the student and teacher to effectively understand, consider and analyse the learning goal
  • Small group hands on learning - learning by doing. Practical demonstrations and assessment
    of technique and interpretation
  • Self-Directed Learning - A self-paced process of learning where individuals take initiative, formulate learning goals, and identifies resources for learning
  • Role Playing - Role playing and simulation are training techniques that attempt to bring realistic decision making situations to the participant


The next edition of the ERS Spirometry Train-the-Trainer course will take place
during the 2017 ERS Congress in Milano. Registrations for this course are not open yet.

ERS Spirometry Trainers Course directors are responsible to deliver the entire spirometry training programme. To ensure the highest level of training of the ERS Spirometry Driving Licence, the involvement of course directors and course instructors are crucial. ERS provides a complete support structure
for trainers including

  1. A spirometry train-the-trainer course programme which is mandatory for those wishing to become course directors
  2. A set of guidelines for certification
  3. Standardised educational materials for trainers including presentations, videos and other resources
  4. Assessment criteria including an online knowledge test and guidelines for practical assessment
  5. A spirometry website with supporting educational tools for trainers and participants

Once participants have attended the Spirometry Train-the-Trainer course, they will have access
to the educational supports outline above.